Must Haves

This is an ISO9660 file containing a bunch of useful packages for your NeXT system:
bash, Black Icons, Backspace Modules, DHCP and more.


Cub'X-Window v5.0 is a true X11R6 client/server solution for the NEXTSTEP operating system running on NeXT, Intel, HP PA-RISC and Sun SPARCstations.

  • Serial number: 9778205
  • License: BR4N9SeENY
Y2K Patches

NSOSY2K contains the User and Developer patches for NeXTSTEP and Openstep RISC/CISC architectures.

  • Nextstep 3.3 Patch 3 User/Developer
  • Openstep 4.2 Patch 4 User/Developer